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Ballroom Dancing for Children

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Learning the basics of ballroom dancing in the very early age, children develop very fast, but the way they learn is different. I lead my students from the very first lesson to the top places on International Dance Competitions.

And the learning process includes not only studying steps and movements, but developing the confidence, attitude, and style that make a difference on the floor.

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What we’ll study

I give the following dance classes for the youngest students:

For general development


These are the classes where children meet the world of music, study to listen and to feel it, they learn to move with the rythm and follow the melody itself.

These classes develop a sense of rhythm, flexibility, imagination, acting skills and the ability to control the body.

For the most eager ones

Latin-American Dances

Latin American dances are all about incendiary music, energetic rhythms and the very bright mood. If your child is a real fidget, full of energy, Latin Program is exactly what he needs!

We are offer to your attention 5 ballroom dances of the Latin program: samba, cha-cha-cha, rumba, pasodoble and jive.

For the most elegant ones

Standard Dances

Standard dance program is also called “European” – these are 5 ballroom dances which are classical, graceful and elegant: Slow waltz, Viennese waltz, tango, foxtrot and quick-step.

The European program is more suitable for children who prefer classical music, slow rythms and.

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