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Teambuilding or Birthday Party?
It’s time to dance!

Dance master-class – the best way to spend time
with your company

Do you want to have fun with your colleagues and friends? A dance master class is not only fun, but also a useful way to spend time!

In a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere you can not only learn how to dance, but also get to know each other better, strengthen your friendship and establish contacts and become closer.

A dance master class will brighten your event: a birthday party, wedding, anniversary, teambuilding – and will make it unusual and unforgettable!

What we’ll study

Cha Cha

A fascinating, syncopated Latin American dance. Cha-Cha-Cha creates happy, carefree, cheeky atmosphere. Recently it was decided to shorten the name of this dance to Cha-Cha.


Incendiary, energetic and bright dance. The most popular Latin American dance in the world. In Moscow salsa is danced in many clubs, bars and open areas.


The national dance of the Dominican Republic consists of simple steps and at the same time uneasy hip movements. This dance can be danced not only for Latin American music, but also for many popular rhythmic compositions.

Disco (Hustle)

A couple dance based on improvisation and interaction. Hustle may be danced to any modern music – from pop and club songs, to hard rock or chanson.


Jive is sometimes called the Six-Step Rock’n’Roll. Jive is a very fast, energy-consuming dance. It is a dance full of jumps and expression.


Very romantic, intimate and gentle couple dance. Bachata lessons are not only about studying figures and movements, but also communication, contact and interaction with a partner.

Enjoy the Video

My master-class on Merengue, Dubai, UAE, 2014

Check the feedback
from our happy clients!

“Our cooperation with Let’s Dance Today Show started by accident: they performed on the birthday of one of our guests. Now we often work together: we recommend them to our guests, we invite them to our events, and we are always sure, if today we have “Let’s Dance Today”, it will not be boring!”

Alexey Ivanov, Manager of the restaurant franchise

“When customers ask for something unusual in the part of the entertainment program when organizing the event, I always recommend “Let’s Dance Today”. And, you know, not a single complaint, only thanks and positive feedback. It’s bright! Fashionable! Youth! Incendiary! Just awesome!”

Yulia Minogarova, The owner of the event agency

“Whichever program we come up with, we can always include in it the Let’s Dance Today Show: there are so few shocking and spectacular, professional and qualified dancers. And their costumes are amazing! The guys are working on a solid five.”

Alex Brown, The art director of the nightclub

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