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Homeshool Dance Classes –
the Best Way to Learn Dancing!

Dance classes anywhere you need: even at your home.

Our professional couple will guide you through the wonderful world of Dancing!

Private lessons with our professional classes will take place at your place. It would be the easiest way to make your first step on the dancefloor.

If you are shy to dance in public or feel uncomfortable to come to the dance studio, you still have a wonderful opportunity to learn dancing!

We’ll create a magnificent atmosphere at your place and let the dance magic fill up your heart away from stranger’s eyes!

What we’ll study

Cha Cha

A fascinating, syncopated Latin American dance. Cha-Cha-Cha creates happy, carefree, cheeky atmosphere. Recently it was decided to shorten the name of this dance to Cha-Cha.


Incendiary, energetic and bright dance. The most popular Latin American dance in the world. In Moscow salsa is danced in many clubs, bars and open areas.


The national dance of the Dominican Republic consists of simple steps and at the same time uneasy hip movements. This dance can be danced not only for Latin American music, but also for many popular rhythmic compositions.

Disco (Hustle)

A couple dance based on improvisation and interaction. Hustle may be danced to any modern music – from pop and club songs, to hard rock or chanson.


Jive is sometimes called the Six-Step Rock’n’Roll. Jive is a very fast, energy-consuming dance. It is a dance full of jumps and expression.


Very romantic, intimate and gentle couple dance. Bachata lessons are not only about studying figures and movements, but also communication, contact and interaction with a partner.

Argentine Tango

Argentine tango is a model of ideal relationships. A man leads, and a woman follows. This is a world for two, filled with love and loss, sadness and joy, meetings and partings.

Social Rumba

The dancers of rumba usually embody a sassy, smooth, and sensual demeanor. Fun fact, rumba is the slowest of the competitive international latin styles!

Viennese Waltz

At the beginning of 1830 the composers Franz Lanner and Johann Strauss wrote several very famous Waltzes of our era, by making the rhythm of the dance more comfortable, we now call it the Viennese Waltz and always dance it with joy.

English Waltz

Waltz is beautiful, universal and very easy to learn. Waltz can be performed as a wedding dance, as a dance at a social party, at any occasion, birthday and so on.


Tango is a dance of passion, sensuality, temperament. Learning this beautiful dance will give any dancer of a unique tango-plastics. Tango is considered to be the classical dance. It is a dance of love, passion and expression.


Smoothness is one of the main characteristics of the Foxtrot. The other name of this dance is Slow Fox. Charming Foxtrot, which has a lot of interpretations, is both a simple and complex dance.


Quickstep – it’s light, lively, cheerful, full of jumps, turns to the right and to the left and backwards. Sparkling youth, refined nobility of mature performer and more restrained, selected choreography of older dancers.


It’s not difficult to spot swing dancers…look for the couple with the biggest smiles having the most fun. Swing dance is characterized by lots of swinging, flipping, and throwing of dancers.


Samba has a very characteristic rhythm for its better match with the national Brazilian musical instruments. Rhythmic Samba includes the characteristic Latin hip movements, which are called “Samba Bounce”.


Rumba appeared in Cuba. As a typical “hot climate” dance, it became the classical Latin American dance. Rumba is a slow dance that is characterized by sensual, tender movements and Latin American style of hip-movement.


Check the feedback
from our happy clients!

“We are married already five years and have three beautiful children. Dancing was a thing which brought us together – we met on the dance party and fell in love within a second! Having children made coming outs a bit complicated – for sure we have a baby-sitter, but we like to have everything in home under control. We were looking for the dance classes which can be taken at home – and found Dance Spirit. Now we can learn new steps and dances close to our kids – and they enjoy watching us!”
Sarah & James

“Our couple is a typical example of shy and humble people. We desired to dance but an idea to learn in public was a disaster. Then we found Dance Spirit and finally made our dream come true! Now we can learn at home and no one sees our faults and tries – we can practice in comfortable and relaxed atmosphere and practice as long as we need straight after the dance class! It is an amazing chance for those who are not confident enough just like us!”

Samuel & Laura
“We’ve been together already two years when we felt that our relationship needs a new wave, new breath and new emotions. We’ve come to an idea to start learning dancing together. We had a lot of work that time and coming for dance classes to the studio was hard for both of us due to lack of time – but having dance classes at home was a perfect solution for us! Thanks to the Dance Spirit for this amazing experience!”
Alex & Liza


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